Chicken Pastel

I'm really lucky to have been spoiled with delicious home-cooked meals while growing up. For my mom, food is a serious business. She will dabble in every possible type of cuisine, not repeating the same dish for weeks--or even months--unless specially requested.
I try, but unfortunately, even if I crave my mom's home-cooked meals, I can't quite recreate them. The problem is that she doesn't cook with recipes, but rather with 'feeling'. As a seasoned cook, she can eyeball the amount needed for each ingredient. This is still something I need to work on. Though I don't measure ingredients when I cook either, it takes me a whole lot of taste tests and adjustments before I can get the right flavor. Most of the time, my results are inconsistent.

I had a craving for chicken pastel the other day, a Filipino version of chicken pot pie, minus the pie. I can't really post a recipe because I didn't measure any of my ingredients... However you can refer to this. Only things I would change: add a splash of white wine, use cream instead of milk and skip the butter when frying bacon.


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